Coming Tuesday, Dec. 9! The 2nd Annual “12 Days of Drawings Sale”

It’s drawing sale time again, but this year with something special added…in 2004 I went on the art workshop safari of a lifetime with internationally-known wildlife artist Simon Combes.  For 16 glorious days he regaled us with stories (with a few naughty limericks thrown in), shared his knowledge of the wildlife of Africa and made sure we got to see as many species as possible. Tragically, Simon was killed by a cape buffalo ten years ago this month. To honor him, some of the drawings I’ve created for the sale have been done from photo reference I took during the safari. The sale will start with them. It will be an auction and 20% of the sales price will be donated to the Soysambu Conservancy (formerly the Delamere Estate), which is where Simon grew up and one of the places we stayed in 2004. Very important conservation work is being carried out there. I photographed the young Rothschild’s giraffe, an endangered species, at Soysambu. It’s graphite on paper.

Simon Combes posing by one of the Land Rovers
Simon Combes posing by one of the Land Rovers, which had been attacked by a hippo that had come into our camp (a story for another day…)

After the Africa drawings, there will be a variety of other subjects, including some from Mongolia. 20% of the proceeds from those pieces will be donated to the Department of Conservation Biology at the Denver Zoo to support scientific research in Mongolia. The sale will take place on my public Facebook page: You do not have to have a Facebook account to bid or buy. Purchase and payment instructions will be included with each post. I hope that you’ll come check it out!

Thank you and happy holidays!
Susan Fox


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