It’s Time! The WildArt Mongolia Expedition Departs Tomorrow (Mongolia Time)!

WildArt-Logo-2013Two years of planning are about to come to fruition. Everyone who is going on the WildArt Mongolia Expedition is in Ulaanbaatar. Final plans are laid. There will be a social get-together this evening at the Bayangol Hotel where Sharon Schafer and I are staying. We are scheduled to depart at 9 am tomorrow morning.

The first day will take us south to Bayan-Onjuul Soum. We will camp not far from Arburd Sands ger camp, which is run by a local family in conjunction with Nomadic Journeys. Saturday we will explore the area, taking time to paint and sketch the local scenery. On Sunday there will be a local naadam and we’ll be there, shooting photos and video and, with luck, getting in some sketching. Current plan is to leave Sunday afternoon after the horse race and get 3-5 hours down the road to the west and then camp. Monday we will head for a remote Gobi lake which is between the Hangai and Altai mountains, Boon Tsagaan Nuur, which should have good birdwatching on the eastern shore. From that point on where we go and in what order will depend on the weather, road conditions and what we’re seeing in the way of wildlife.

I don’t expect to have an internet connection until we get back to UB on September 10, but if I do, I’ll try to do a short update post.

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