Mongolia Monday- Mongol Photographer Joins The WildArt Mongolia Expedition! Meet Odna Idevkhten

Odna profileOdna Idevkhten is a native Mongolian who has been working in the New York area for the past 10+ years  for various financial companies.  She received her BS in business from Brigham Young University and her MBA in finance from the University of Chicago.  She loves traveling with her camera to interesting places around the world and to keepsake the memories of unique sights and scenes through her camera.  She is also an avid art enthusiast and supporter of visual and performing arts.  She has attended numerous art galleries and museums, classical music concerts, opera, ballet, and theatrical plays and musicals at leading venues around the world.

IMG_8411_webBetween her love for traveling and arts, she has found a happy medium to express her artistic side – photography, especially of nature and wild animals.  She is a passionate photographer and shares her photos of wildlife and nature through her Facebook photography page, “I.Odna Photography” (

IMG_8209_ed_webShe has photographed wildlife and nature in North America, South America, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, and Europe.  According to Odna, “one can be very original, creative and artistic when dealing with nature and wildlife”.



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