Mongolia Monday- Juried Show News and More!

Mongol Horse Foals: Ready to Grow  14x18"  oil
Mongol Horse Foals: Ready to Grow 14×18″ oil

I am proud to announce that all three of my entries have been accepted into the Academy of Equine Art’s spring show “The Horse in Fine Art-2013 AAEA Invitational Exhibition”! I’m very pleased to be included in this invitation-only show. Once again Mongol horses will be “invading” the Blue Grass Country of Kentucky.

Mongol Horse #8- Watching You
Mongol Horse #8- Watching You  12×24″  oil

As it happens, all three of these paintings were from the same stop not far from Hustai National Park in August 2011. We were heading south in the morning and saw a large herd of horses right by the road. I shot dozens and dozens of photos. There were a lot of flies and the horses were circling and circling to try to get as far into the group as possible. But then they’d break up and I could get shots like the ones I used as reference for these works. The background wasn’t particularly interesting, so I left it out and just let the horses be the design element on a blue background.

Mongol Horse #9- Friends   18x24"  oil
Mongol Horse #9- Friends 18×24″ oil

The exhibition will be in two venues:

Georgetown College, Anne Wright Wilson Gallery Georgetown, Kentucky- April 12- May 24, 2013

Marietta/Cobb Museum of Art, Marietta, Georgia- April 13- July 2, 2013

You can find out more about the AAEA here.


And…I have made the first cut in the We Said Go Travel website’s Travel Writing Contest. As of this writing two of my five entries have been posted and I have been told that the other three will be soon. All of them are adapted from blog posts I did about my wonderful -and wonder-filled- two week camping trip I went on in the Gobi and Hangai Mountains of Mongolia in July 2010. You can read the first two, which both start with the word “Mongolia” in the title, here.

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