Ch-ch-ch-changes for 2013

camel-head-8-27-12I’ve decided to consolidate my blog and my website into one here on WordPress. I’ve started the transition by creating a gallery page with my Mongolia paintings and also one with the pieces for the Sea of Cortez show. And I’ve created a gallery for the journal sketches that I did on my last trip to Mongolia in August and September of 2012. You can find all of them in the navigation bar.

The WordPress Gallery feature is, finally, everything I’ve been searching for and not finding for years and years as a way to present my art. I’m not impressed by what’s out there for artists and sites like Flickr and Google photos (which I also still use) are visually very cluttered. It’s super easy and fast to create a gallery, upload multiple images, add captions, add to the gallery, arrange the images in whatever order I want, delete anything I decide I don’t want and publish it when I’m ready. The thumbnails are nicely presented with a thin line around them and the slide show background is plain, uncluttered black, just what I wanted.

Over the next month I’ll be adding pages here with content from my website. Once I’m done, we’ll re-point the url so that it will bring you here, but to a new, static home page from which you’ll be able come to the blog or any other page.

I wasn’t unhappy with Sandvox, the app on which I built the current site. But the trend is towards using a platform like WordPress for both and these days there’s no reason not to. Now I will only have to update one location instead of two and I can certainly use the time saved for other things….like painting.

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