New Painting Debut! “Mongol Horse #9- Friends”

Mongol Horse #9- Friends
Mongol Horse #9- Friends  18×24″  oil

I’ve been having fun painting Mongol horses. This and the previous one, which you can see here, were started  before my latest trip to Mongolia.

The reference photo was shot at the beginning of my 2011 trip with fellow artist Pokey Park. We had spent a few days in Hustai National Park photographing and observing takhi. Now we were on our way south. We had left the park and were driving to the only bridge for many miles that crosses the Tuul Gol, traveling along an upland area that overlooked the river valley.

Hustai to Arburd Sands The rocks on the right are part of a complex of Turkic graves, which are quite interesting. But not nearly as interesting to me as the herd of horses that were behind me when I took the above photo.

Hustai to Arburd SandsIt was August and there were a lot of flies. The horses were constantly circling, trying to get their heads as far into the middle of the group as possible. But they knew I was there and every once and awhile some would stop and look at me, which is when I got the reference photo I used for the painting.

Hustai to Arburd SandsI liked the contrast of color and head position of these two, so I cut out everyone else. The twisted blue khadag around the neck of the brown horse was a nice extra.

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