New Painting Debut! “Yak Herder-Hentii Mountains, Mongolia”

Yak Herder-Hentiii Mountains, Mongolia 18x14" oil (price on request)

And here’s the step by step process by which I created this painting:

The reference photo I used of a local man who hauled water to the Jalman Meadows ger camp where I was staying with another artist this past August.
I started out with a raw sienna toned RayMar canvasboard and began with a loose brush drawing for placement and position of the head and features. I've already changed him into a del instead of western clothes.
Next I established the light and shadow areas.
I re-drew the features and started to add some color.
I went darker with the background and launched into modeling his head.
I was using two or three other photos for the del and continued to model his head, paying particular attention to the features, value relationships and the various colors in the shadows.
At this point I realized that the del was opening the wrong way due to the other photos i was using and that I needed much better reference for it
I'd had del made for myself and my husband in 2009. He was kind enough to model for me in his.
I decided to finish the bottom to the edge of the canvas and I also lightened up the background. So, once more, "Yak Herder-Hentii Mountains, Mongolia"

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