Mongolia Monday- Almost Time For My Next Trip!

Early evening, Baga Gazriin Chuluu, July 2009

One week from tomorrow I’ll be leaving on my sixth trip to Mongolia. I’ll spend six days in Ulaanbaatar and then will be going out to the countryside with a fellow artist, sculptor Pokey Park. I’ll be showing her the best places I’ve found for viewing wildlife: Hustai National Park, Baga Gazriin Chuluu Nature Reserve, Ikh Nartiin Chuluu Nature Reserve and Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve.

Depending on internet availability, I’ll do a post when I can.

This trip is a little different because I haven’t had to buy any new gear, just make sure I’ve got it packed. And for that I’ve got a list I’ve honed over time.

I’m expecting to see very visible changes in Ulaanbaatar as the economy heats up from the start of various mining operations and a flood of would-be investors pouring in from all over the world. But I know the timelessly beautiful countryside, my beloved earth roads and the hospitality of the herders will be there for me and now I get to share it with a fellow artist.

I’m finishing up the painting of Carolina parakeets and intend to debut it here on Friday, but otherwise,  until I post from Land of Blue Skies….daraaa uulzii! (See you later!)

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