Backyard Visitors This Summer

Things have been busy in the animal department for the past couple of weeks. It’s full summer now and we’re getting a lovely variety of birds coming in to the feeders and flowering plants. There have also been some mammal sightings- a pocket gopher was visible in the middle of the day today and we have 2 or 3 skunks that we have seen a number of times.

I keep the cameras handy whether I’m in the house or the studio and it’s definitely paid off:

Allen's Hummingbird
Red Crossbil (male)
Black-headed grosbeak (male)
American goldfinch (male) and Black-headed grosbeak (female)
Steller's jay
Purple finch (male)
California quail (male)
Pocket gopher
Striped skunk

One thought on “Backyard Visitors This Summer

  1. Nice capture of that hummingbird! 🙂

    With the weekenders arriving in the Rockies in full force now, our Moose sightings have become less frequent. But we were visited by an Ermine the other day, and the Marmots were apparently rather promiscuous last spring.


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