Mongolia Monday- Images of Malchin (Mongol herders)

Going to let the pictures tell the story today. Here’s a collection of some of the photos I’ve taken of Mongol herders. Included are all of the Five Snouts, plus camels. Now I’m sitting here missing tsagaan idee (white food): airag (fermented mare’s milk), aruul (dried yogurt), byaslag (cheese), orom (sliced dried cream) and  tsotsgii (cream, just cream, eaten using aruul as a base to put it on; heavenly). Bi ter bukh dortei! (I like it all!). Mongol friends-correct my sentence if it is wrong.

Herder with urga, Ikh Nartiin Chuluu, April 2005 (my first trip to Mongolia)
Camel herder, Gobi near Bayanzag, Sept. 2006 (these are racing camels)
Herding cattle near Tuul Gol (River), Sept. 2006
Herding sheep and cashmere goats near Hustai National Park. Sept. 2008
Rounding up horses, Gun-Galuut, July 2009
Local herders coming to check out flooded river crossing, The Gobi, July 2010
En route shot from car, July 2010
Herder, Hangai Mountains, July 2010
Time for a morning chat, Hangai Mountains, July 2010
Yak herder's ger, Naiman Nuur, Hangai Mountains, July 2010
Rounding up yaks, Orkhon Falls, July 2010
Camel's milk airag coming up soon, the Gobi, near Orog Nuur, July 2010

2 thoughts on “Mongolia Monday- Images of Malchin (Mongol herders)

  1. Thanks for posting this. This is a good blog with links to things Mongolian. I’m taking a virtual trip around the world, and blogging about what I find in cyberspace. I’m planning to post a link to your blog in my entry, if that’s OK with you..


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