Mongolia Monday- A Poem About A Grandmother

Three generations at Baga Gazriin Chuluu mountain blessing naadam, July 2009

Grandma, Please Go On Telling Your Stories

When grandma finished
Milking her cows
I always asked her
To tell me her stories

Some of the stories
Made me laugh
Some made me weep
And some made me sad or even brave

Thus, my grandma conveyed
The words of sadness
And of happiness
To my little heart

Thus, my grandma
Introduced me to the world
Through her magic stories
In my childhood

Grandma, did you learn
All those stories from your Mummy,
Or did you just make them up yourself?

Granny, go on telling your stories now
I would love to hear them,
To learn them well and then
I’ll tell them to my own children.

Dojoogyn Tsedev

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