Mongolia Monday- A Mongol Poem

It’s been too long since I’ve presented any Mongol poetry. It’s another aspect of their culture that is almost unknown to westerners, even though examples survive from over 800 years ago.

If you would like to learn about and read more poetry, visit previous posts here and here and here.

This one has  a subject dear to the heart of pretty much every Mongol…horses:

The stories of my people soar with horses,
With wings they reach the golden sun.
The wind riffs through their untrimmed manes,
And, down the skyroad of Khormast,
They return to the lake like migrating birds,
According to the customs of the golden earth.
The poems of the elders soar with horses,
With wings they reach the vibrant stars.
From the herds of letters formed within the month,
We have taken these migrating steeds.
And, from the hitching posts of our poets’ horses,
We have taken off for distant roads.
My horse, fly high, oh my horse,
Fly high, into the worlds of my desire.
From our wise elders’ heights of brilliance,
I offer my song to the spacious earth.
My horse, fly high, oh my horse,
Fly high, into the worlds of my desire.

By Ochirkhuu (1943-2001), translated by Simon Wickham-Smith

2 thoughts on “Mongolia Monday- A Mongol Poem

  1. Hello

    i love your blog. Especially about the Mongolian life style and horse and more. Also you are very talented to drawing. I m Mongolian. Seems like you very good at Mongolian language. If it’s yes come to my blog which is all about horses. Sincerely Bat. (


  2. Bayarlala! I am not good at Mongolian yet, but I am learning. Your blog looks really interesting since I am very interested in painting Mongol horses and Naadam races. I think your blog will be very helpful. I am going to add it to my blogroll.


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