Mongolia Monday- Juried Show News!

We interrupt our regularly scheduled series on cool things to see and do in Mongolia because I got a packet in the mail yesterday informing me that my painting “Choidog and Black” has been accepted into a special exhibition of the American Academy of Equine Art, “The Horse in Fine Art, a Salute to the World Equestrian Games 2010”, which are being held in the United States for the first time ever.

Submission was by invitation only, so that was gratifying all by itself, but to have a painting accepted is a thrill! Especially when the invitation encouraged artists to submit images that reflected the events to be held at the Games, such as dressage, show jumping, reining and endurance, none of which I have ever seen in person. The only work of mine that the Academy has seen was the Mongol horse piece which was in their fall juried show, so I figured they knew that that was what I do and what they would get.

I submitted three paintings, two of horse racing with the boy jockeys ( here and here) and one of Choidog, the horsetrainer. They chose what I would consider the “purest” Mongol one, because he is wearing traditional clothing, not the modern clothes the kids have on. I hope they post the show on their website so I can see the other paintings!

Choidog and Black 18x24" oil on canvasboard

So I am in the happy position of having one of my Mongol subject paintings in a show that will be viewed by horsey people from all over the world. Nice way to start the week.

Next Monday, I’ll return to my six part series with my personal choices for the six best souvenirs to bring home from Mongolia.

3 thoughts on “Mongolia Monday- Juried Show News!

  1. CONGRATS!!!! This is fantastic! What a great affirmation of your beautiful work! I love the title, too, Choidog & Black.

    What happened with the scissors? Did I miss that update post? Last I recall, they were stuck in transit.

    Your posts about Mongolia are really tempting me to travel there…and now you have to throw shopping into the mix.

    Angeline-Marie of


  2. Still waiting to hear about the delivery of the scissors. I believe the scientist who was going to take them has been able to get to the reserve, but he’ll be there for awhile, out of contact. I should hear something within a couple of weeks, I hope.


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