Happy New Year! And Thank You To All My Readers!

Niki and me, Redwood Creek, Dec. 19

Lots coming up in 2010…but first I’m doing some necessary career “housekeeping” like updating my marketing plan, setting up a budget spreadsheet, continuing to add info. to my Flick! painting records, planning a couple of gallery submissions and starting to think about what paintings I want to do for the jured shows I plan to enter. I even got in some drawing time earlier in the week between doing…..absolutely nothing useful.

At Trinidad State Beach, Dec. 25; photos by my husband, David

How about you other artists? What are you doing to get ready for what we all hope is a happy and (more) prosperous new year? If you feel like you need to take the next step to get your career moving, I highly recommend “I’d Rather Be In The Studio” by Alison Stanfield. She also has a great blog that you can subscribe to. Good, solid stuff every week.

That’s the business side. What are you going to do to nurture your art? Try a new media? Take a workshop? Concentrate on a particular subject? Travel to an inspiring place? Or……

(Photos taken within a half hour of our home. Yes, we are really lucky to live in northern California!)

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