Art Show Promoter Warning

I have gotten permission from the President of the Society of Animal Artists to post this message that she sent by email to all of the members today. If you have had a bad experience at a wildlife art show or not been able to get a refund from a show you had to pull out of, please contact me.


ATTENTION Fellow SAA Members!

It has recently been brought to my attention that there is an unscrupulous promoter who is targeting wildlife artists.  Several of our members have complained about the lack of promotion for these shows, the failure of the promoter to provide refunds for their fees even when they canceled months in advance, etc.  Some of the artists have even said they have been threatened with legal action just because they were attempting to get refunds.  So please BEWARE of promotions for shows you’ve never heard of, in locations which would probably not be great for sales even in the best of economic times.  Don’t be afraid to check with your fellow artists to see if they are familiar with a promoter, or a specific show.  And ask for references from artists IF you consider signing up for a show.  Don’t accept just one or two references; ask for the entire list of artists who have previously participated in one of the promoter’s shows!  Be very, very cautious!  None of us can afford to pay large amounts for booth fees, and the costs of a hotel, etc., to participate in a show that isn’t going to be productive for us.

Some Red Flags:
·         A large upfront payment required
·         No written refund policy for cancellations
·         Entry and booth fees, but no commission – The promoter has no “skin in the game” which could lead to little or no promotion.
·         Promoter unwilling to provide names of artists who have shown at previous shows or data on sales and attendances of previous shows
·         First time shows – Even though every show has to have a first time, check to see if the promoter has had successful shows elsewhere.

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