Mongolia Monday- Excerpt from my 2006 Trip Journal; to Khomiin Tal to see the Takhi

I had found out that a third takhi reintroduction was taking place in western Mongolia and, somewhat blithly as it turned out, decided that I HAD to go there. Jan at Nomadic Journeys set it up and on the morning of September 21, I flew 1,000 miles west to the town of Hovd. My guide, Octyabr, met me at the airport and after paying 67,500 tugrigs for overweight bags (around $70), off we went. That evening, I caught up on the day:

September 21, 7:30 pm- Stopped for the night by the (a) river. What a day. didn’t get out of town until 2:50. Two German students, October (English spelling), driver, cook (who actually turned out to be a local guy who knew the route to the place: the German students did the cooking to “pay” their way) and me, in the end. Typical Mongolian expedition. Students needed 20 min., so went to October’s home for tea and bread. Then it was: hire a driver, go to the bank, top off the tank, stop at store, drop off father, let driver pick up gear. There may have been more, but I forget. (There was- lunch at a local cafe) Then I find out that it’s 300km to Khomiin Tal and we won’t get there today. Stopped to climb a rock overlook. Fabulous view of river valley with Kazak (sic) gers. Next stop was a brick factory. Oh, I forgot they packed an inflatable raft and fishing gear. But sailing down the road through spectacular scenery with the Mongols singing away was terrific!

Here’s a couple of photos. There’s more on my website.

Kazakh women outside of Hovd
Kazakh women outside of Hovd
Camping by a river; my tent is the red one
Camping by a river; my tent is the red one

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