Hurry Up and Wait- Departure Day, August 24

Sitting in the waiting area at the Eureka-Arcata Airport, which is less than ten minutes from our house. The ceiling, due to our “summer air conditioning” aka ground fog, is well under the minimum of 500′ for planes to land. Our plane is en route from San Francisco, which is good news. Our flight on it was scheduled to leave at 8:46am. Current estimate is around 10am. San Francisco to Seoul leaves around 1pm, so we should be ok.

Neighbors and friends who know about the trip have asked the last few days or so if we’re “excited”. Well, sort of. David and I have done a fair amount of international travel. We’ve both had to be focused the last week or so on trip prep. I came down with a minor cold last Monday afternoon and had to perform triage on what I could get done before departure. He had to get his business work in order to be able to leave things in decent shape. And then, especially these days, one doesn’t really know how “challenging” the “travel experience” is going to be. So here we are, starting our grand trip to Mongolia with an hour + delay. It reminds me of the scenes in Star Wars where Luke, Leia and Han anxiously anticipate the Millenium Falcon’s jump to light speed and…….nothing happens.

I’ll get excited when we’ve settled into our (thanks to frequent flier upgrades) Business Class seats and are rolling down the runway in San Francisco.

However, with free wi-fi at the local airport, life goes on. Off to get a cup of coffee.

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