On the Road again and Calf Update

It looks like all’s well that ends well this time. He is one lucky little calf.


Times-Standard 03/29/2008, Page A08
 Norman's owner comes forward

 Donna Tam


  The story of Norman the calf is on its way to a happy ending.
   Norman's owner came forward yesterday and was more than happy to
sign the calf over to the county, ensuring the calf 's eligibility
to be adopted, said Animal Control Officer Jim Norton.
   The little male dairy calf changed his fate when he got out of the
back of truck on its way to the auction, and was found on Highway 101
on Wednesday.
   "Usually when they have a dayold  bull calf, they ship him off to
meat factory,  said Norton, who
 has experience raising cattle. Male calves are not valuable to dairy
ranchers unless the rancher needs a replacement for a bull, because
they don't produce milk, Norton said.
   Since the owner's trailer was broken, Norman was being
transported  in a vehicle that wasn't set up for transporting
   " It happens,  Norton said. " That doesn't always work, some
things like to jump.
   Norton said livestock officers will be visiting potential homes
this week to make sure Norman's new owners have the resources

The story continues on the back page, but this is the gist of it.

I’ll be driving down to San Francisco tomorrow for the Grand National Rodeo and Horse Show. I was invited to participate in the art show and shipped five paintings of Mongolian horse subjects down to the Cow Palace last week. Looking forward to seeing the show, meeting some of the other artists and carrying my conservati0n message to a new audience. I’m looking forward to American horse people’s reaction to images of Mongolian horses, both wild and domestic. I’ll also do some sketching at the zoo and hook up with nature art colleague, Andrew Denman for that on Saturday morning. Then Andrew will be my guest for the big opening reception and award ceremony at the art show. We can then wander around and check out the scene. There are supposed to be Tennessee Walking Horses, which I’ve never see live before.

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