Happy Holidays To Everyone! Wishing You The Best In 2016!

Resting Snow Leopard
Resting Snow Leopard, graphite on paper

Lots coming up in 2016, but right now we’re kicking back for our year-end downtime. Unstructured time is our luxury, so we alternate between doing some things around the house and just kicking back with a good book (I’m currently reading the first volume in the second Foundation Trilogy).

There’s a corker of a storm coming through northern California today. Snow levels dropping to below 2000′ in places, but we got a tiny flurry of snow a couple of hours ago and we’re 60 ft. above sea level and a mile inland from the beach! Here’s what it was looking like when we took the dog for a walk a short time ago.

storm cloudsSee you in 2016!