Mongolia Monday: 5 Proverbs About Life

Mongol bokh (wrestling), Baga Gazriin Chuluu, July 2009

By experiencing hardship
You will become experienced

There are thousands of owners for something done right
There is one owner for something done wrong

Chinggis Khan statue, July 2009

If a person tries hard
Destiny will try hard

From a little bit of laziness
Much laziness will come

Young jockeys finish 7km race for 2 year old horses, August 2010

Talk little
Do much

Mongolia Monday- Two Proverbs That Include Argali!

Argali rams, Ikh Nartiin Chuluu, April 2005

If a turag* is tired, it goes to the mountain

If a person is tired, he goes to relatives

This could be used when a person is tired and goes to visit relatives or advice to someone who is tired.

If the in-laws become bad, a person leans on his relatives

If wild sheep becomes weak, they can lean on the mountain

It says that when someone is tired or having problems with their in-laws they should go to their relatives.

(from “Mongolian Proverbs” by Janice Raymond, Alethinos Books, 2010)

*turag is a word for argali, the wild sheep