Mongolia Monday- New Painting Debuts! “Scratch That Itch” And “Mongol Goat”

"Scratch That Itch"  10x12"  oil
“Scratch That Itch” 10×12″ oil

I’ve been working on some smaller pieces of domestic Mongol animals, just focusing on my subject and not worrying about a background other than colors. I loved the gesture of this Mongol horse foal who is finally gaining the coordination needed to raise one leg to scratch an itch.

"Mongol Goat"  12x12"  oil
“Mongol Goat” 12×12″ oil

The best cashmere in the world comes from the goats of Mongolia. They come in a riot of colors, shapes, sizes and horn style, but the undercoat is pretty much the same on all of them. I was particularly taken with the bold black and white pattern of this fellow.