Mongolia Pre-departure Odds And Ends


Takhiin Tal Staliion oil 18x24" one of the dozen paintings I'll be showing during the WildArt Mongolia Expedition group art exhibition
Takhiin Tal Staliion oil 18×24″ one of the dozen paintings I’ll be showing during the WildArt Mongolia Expedition group art exhibition

A week from today I leave for eight weeks in Mongolia, my ninth trip in ten years. Good friends to see and places to go, especially the second WildArt Mongolia Expedition to the northeastern mountains and steppes to see cranes and Mongolian gazelles. They’ll be eight of us, myself, Mongol artist Tugsoyun Sodnom who went last year and six artists and photographers from Australia. We’ll be traveling in comfort this time in Land Cruisers, but still getting to camp in the countryside.

Painting of lama's retreat by Tugsoyun Sodnom
Painting of lama’s retreat by Tugsoyun Sodnom; one of her works that will be in the group exhibition

Two other important events that I’m either a part of or will attend:

Tugsoyun, myself and Oidoviin Magvandorj (the other Mongol artist who went last year) will be having a three-person exhibition of paintings inspired by the Expedition to the Gobi. It will be at the Union of Mongolian Artists Gallery in Ulaanbaatar from June 27 to July 8. There will be an opening ceremony on the 27th at 1900hr/7pm and is open to the public.

Dalanjargalan Soum, the community where the women’s felt craft collective that I support is located, is celebrating its 90th anniversary on July 23-24 and I plan to attend. I’m so looking forward to sharing this special event with the friends that I’ve made there since I first met the collective ladies in 2009.

Otherwise, I’m planning some short trips to the countryside to do as much painting and sketching as I can. I should have wifi when I’m in Ulaanbaatar and will post updates when I can.

Daraa uulzii (See you later!)