A Snowy Day at Sea Level

About 1:30 yesterday afternoon, while I was importing images to my iMac, it started to snow! Not powder, just wet icy stuff, but snow nonetheless. Here’s a couple of photos of the garden and yard. I really like the juxtaposition with the flamingos (they’re part of my in-progress “tropical” garden; the place where all the plants with hot colors will go).


For awhile it was really coming down



The painting below is called “Warmth of Spring”, which we’ll all be ready for soon, if not right now. It’s from reference that I shot a few years ago when we lived on 20 acres some miles north of where we are now. I loved the warm light coming through the brush rabbit’s ear and the variety of plant textures around him or her.


The original of this painting is available, as is a limited edition giclee.

Pond Pictures

Got these pics just in time. A real winter storm is heading in, so bye-bye sunshine for awhile. The pond is still literally rough around the edges and the plantings are new, but great afternoon light covers a multitude of sins. Photo 1 is looking east, with the house in the background. Photo 2 is looking north and includes the greenhouse.

Pond and house 400

Pond and greenhouse

On the art front, here’s my latest giclee from an original oil painting. It’s called “Don’t Badger Me”. Go to my website at http://www.foxstudio.biz for more information and how to order.

Don’t Badger Me