Mongolia Monday- Images From Gandan Monastery

While I was in Ulaanbaatar this last trip, I spent a couple of mornings at Gandan Monastery sketching and taking photos. I thought that I would share some of my favorites with you of a truly special place that I always look forward to visiting when I’m in Mongolia.

Gandan’s main temple
Feeding the pigeons
Monk leaving morning service
Pigeons on a temple rooftop
Monk with prayer beads
Temple visitors circling an incense burner
Three monks
Stupa with pigeons

Two monks

EBay Listing, 1-11-10- Daruma #1

Daruma #1 8x8" oil on canvasboard

“Daruma #1” is a painting of a little paper-mache daruma doll that I bought on a trip to Japan in 1968 when I was 14 years old, so he’s been with me for a long time. I never wished on either of the eyes and now I wouldn’t because they represent possibility to me instead of simply wishes that were or weren’t granted. Click to bid here

Mongolia Monday- Then and Now

I’m not sure that this photo, taken by Roy Chapman Andrews, is from Gandan Monastery, but the prayer wheel is certainly close in size and design to the one I saw there.

Large prayer wheel
Large prayer wheel

Here is the one I saw.

Large prayer wheel at Gandan Monastery, Sept. 2006
Large prayer wheel at Gandan Monastery, Sept. 2006

People had written on it with a variety of pens, probably prayers.

Gandan Monastery prayer wheel, closeup
Gandan Monastery prayer wheel, close-up