Doggy guest photo

I finally got a good photo of our canine guest, who shall remain anonymous for now. Handsome guy, isn’t he? He has finally come out of his shell enough to get his head up and be interested in what is going on around him. He knows “sit” and […]

Back home and in the studio

Got back from my trip last Thursday evening with no more than what is the usual nonsense when one flies these days. Plane was late getting to Denver, so we were late leaving Denver, which meant I missed my 4:12 connection in San Francisco. On the bright side, […]

Great time in Missoula

Getting here got interesting, but the event has been terrific. Got caught on the ground in Denver yesterday when a May Day “blizzard” went right over the airport. Everything was closed down for about an hour and then I got to take pictures out the window of the […]

Here and then gone again

Back for two days and leaving for Montana tomorrow for the OPA national show opening weekend. I’ll try to blog while I’m there since there are a variety of interesting sessions planned. I really enjoyed the show in Walnut Creek overall. Sales weren’t good, though. Wallets are locked […]

It’s Show Time!

Here I am at the Residence Inn in Pleasant Hill, which is about a half-hour east of San Francisco. Tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday I’ll be about ten minutes south in Walnut Creek doing their spring art festival. We used to live here in the late 1980’s and come […]